Termite Control Kollam

Termite Control Services Kollam

Termite Control Services Kollam

Termite is commonly known as white ants. They are our personal nightmare and threat to our property. There are three types of termites drywood, dampwood and subterranean termites. Subterranean termites are the common and the single most damaging pest in India. Termites feed on cellulose in timber but can embark on exploratory feeding thus damaging electrical wiring, PVC conduits etc. They can enter a building through cracks less than ½ m.m. x wide and we will normally notice their existence only after extensive damage is done. IPMS is the best Termite Control Services Termite Control Services Kollam.

Tell-Tale Signs: Mud Tubes across walls and floors.

Damaged woodwork or timber -based products.

Swarms of alates, especially at dusk just before rain.

We offer Termite Control Services in two categories:

Pre-Construction Anti-Termite treatment for buildings under construction:

This process involves treating the soil under the floor slab and the external perimeter with odourless, ecofriendly termiticides, to create a chemical barrier. Following are the stages done :

1. Treatment to top surface of the plinth filling

2. Treatment at junction of wall and floor

3. Treatment of soil along the external perimeter

Note: Surveys show that the cost of Pre-construction Termite Treatment for multistory buildings is on an average l/2000lh of the cost of the building.

Post-Construction Anti Termite Treatment to Existing Buildings:

This is ideally suited to care of termite infestation in existing buildings. This process consists of injecting chemicals through holes drilled into the floor and wall-junctions internally and externally,to simulate conditions similar to laying a chemical barrier below the building, as in pre-construction. Both the pre and post construction treatments are covered by a service warranty.

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